Motion Graphics & Video Work for Film, Television, and Web

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AUDUBON web app demo — Art direction & animation. Produced by Plant Inc.

ESSENCE promotional video — Art direction & animation. Produced by Plant Inc.

BANK OF AMERICA kiosk loop — Art direction & After Effects animation for Plant Inc.

MERRIAM-WEBSTER Hot Mess — Motion graphics. Editing & videography by TVGEIS.

GOOD — "Jailbirds" educational video
After Effects animation. Artwork by Frank Chimero. Written & produced by GOOD.

BARBARIAN LORD — Book trailer for  "Barbarian Lord" from Clarion Books
Production & animation. Artwork by Matt Smith. Available on Amazon.

THE DEMOGRAPHIC "The Headliner" music video — Art direction, concept, and animation. Click here to see more music videos.

LAZER 99.3 FM - television commercial
Art direction, illustration, and After Effects animation.

AMC — "Taxi Driver" online promotion
Art direction, audio editing, and Flash animation.

Standard Design/Tom Pappalardo — Art direction, graphic design, illustration, After Effects animation, thinking, problem-solving.   |   PO Box 880 Northampton, MA 01061   |   413-433-9087