For fifteen years, I've been creating motion graphics for film, television, and the web. I work primarily in Adobe After Effects, producing 2-D animated cartoons, well thought-out infographics, and corporate presentations. A couple of music videos, too! Whether you're an agency in need of outsourcing motion design, a documentary filmmaker who wants refined onscreen graphics, a band looking for a standout music video, or an author who wants an attention-grabbing book trailer, please email me to discuss your project.

MOJO MOTORS mobile app explainer video — Character design & animation. Produced and directed by Adélie Studios.

SMITHSONIAN media kit (excerpt) — Art direction and After Effects animation, for Plant Inc.

MEDIA EDUCATION FOUNDATION — An overview of charts, infographics, maps, and other motion graphics created for several documentaries. 

ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT DOCUMENTARY PROJECT — Art direction & animation of title graphics and interstitials.

FREE PRESS educational video — Art direction & animation.

VIBE magazine media kit — Art direction & After Effects animation for Plant Inc.

ICNE - Three animated TV ads. Art direction & animation. Written & produced by Bidwell ID.

MEN'S FITNESS marketing video — Art direction & animation. Produced by Plant Inc.

THE DEMOGRAPHIC "Letter" music video — Art direction & animation.

TURN IT UP! — Three weird animated television ads. Art direction, audio, illustration, concept, and After Effects animation.

SHAPE magazine media kit  — Art direction and After Effects animation. Produced by Plant Inc.